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Oritse Femi Nigeria

Oritse Femi on iROKING

Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele was born in Delta State, Nigeria, and grew up in Lagos, which is known as “the state of musicians”.
He had his primary education at State Primary School, Apapa, Lagos. While his secondary School was Randle Secondary School , Apapa ,Lagos also. He was preparing for his tertiary education before music came into his life.
His family was of a polygamous kind, and Femi had a lot of siblings. With his mother working in a church, it would be only natural to expect him to have been a choir boy, but his path was different. Oritse began singing while he was still in his primary school. There were many music clubs there, where he used to hang out. He became a choir singer later, and he played bass guitar, too. That’s where he got his professional education. Femi used to socialize with “undesirable” folks in the streets in his childhood years, and they gave him some insight into the “other” life. There he learned things he would then use as a source of inspiration for his music. He even preferred reggae in those days. Through a series of transformations Femi’s music style became what it is today: a curious blend of different approaches. It has elements of reggae and hip hop. Femi intends to touch souls of people of all society circles. Femi was once member of a two-boys band named The Jingolist. He formed it together with his fellow musician, Chibudo. Two albums were released as a result of that, and after that Femi went solo. His first solo album was called ‘Elewon’ (it means “chase them” in English), and it concentrated on crooked politicians. His second was titled ‘Unfadeables’. It contained a smash hit, Mercy of the Lord. He featured Pasuma Wonder and 2Face Idibia, and also Nico Gravity in the last album.
Currently he is gearing up to release his third album. One of the tracks in the album is Double Wahala which is the toast of every event in Nigeria at the moment. He recently duets Double Wahala Remix with D’Banj. Oritsefemi has performed along side international artistes like Trey Songz, Kenye West, Akon and others.

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