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Orezi Nigeria

Orezi on iROKING

Born Esegine Orezi Allen a.k.a oz jones in the early 80's into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Samson Esegine. First out of five children had his growing up days in Lagos Nigeria, attended Estate primary school Ogba and Command secondary school Abakali... Show more


145 on iROKING Rihanna on iROKING Onome Ft Orezi on iROKING DJ Rax  - Adanwanne on iROKING Shuperu on iROKING
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Rihanna - Orezi [Official Video] 4:06
Orezi - Shoki [Official Video] 3:52
Orezi - Shuperu [Official Video] 3:18
DJ Rax Ft. Orezi - Adanwanne [Official Video] 3:20
DJ Akaba & Orezi - Onome 3:33

Tracks Featuring Orezi

Baby Wait on iROKING DJ Rax  - Adanwanne on iROKING Talk to me on iROKING

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